About Calibration Certificates

Does NML prescribe next calibration due dates for its customer instruments/standards?

The NML does not recommend the next due date for recalibration. The responsibility is left to the user to determine the appropriate interval for the next calibration considering that he has the knowledge on the frequency and manner of use of the instrument/standard.

Is there a fee for reprinting of calibration certificates?

The NML can issue a certified true copy of the original calibration certificate upon request for a minimal fee.

Will you be sending the calibration certificates to us?

Normally calibration certificates are claimed on the agreed date at the Receiving & Releasing Unit of NML. A formal request can be lodged in at the time the request for calibration is made. Special arrangements can be agreed upon to send the certificates through other means available other than pick up.

In case of amendment requests on the calibration certificate or test report, what shall we do?

An amendment request form, available at our Receiving and Releasing Unit, must be filled up.