Office of the Chief

Manuel M. Ruiz

Elvie M. Ocsan
Extension: 2272

Receiving and Releasing Unit

Kenji D. Galiste
Extension: 2238

Mass Standards Section

Kiveen P. Suycano
Section Head

Gregorio B. Mendoza
Aries E. OrdoƱa
Ivan L. Opao
Anya Vida M. Carvajal
Extension: 2256

Pressure and Force Standards Section

Maryness I. Salazar
Section Head

Sarah Jane T. Digay
Radley F. Manalo
Ahdrian Camilo C. Gernale
Extension: 2264

Length Standards Section

Michael Jason A. Solis
Section Head

Gerry Boy Garingan
Jessie G. Yap
Extension: 2266

Volume and Flow Standards Section

Jose Marco D. Latosa
Section Head

Loreibelle N. Abian
Ma. Nazarene M. Baculanta
Cedric S. Crucero
Marilyn C. Fos
Extension: 2255
Mobile: 09307568327

Thermometry and Hygrometry Standards Section

Monalisa R. Enot
Section Head

Jes Andre G. Trillana
Frederick C. Bueno
Joefrey M. Batang
Luis F. Ociano
Extension: 2260

Electrical Standards Section

Manuel M. Ruiz
Section Head

Sabino Paulo B. Leones
Rosaline R. Navarro
Linda Nora O. Taleon
Rhea B. Laureta
Ma. Theresa E. Empleo
Extension: 2200

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