NML upholds ISO 17025 accreditation in Temperature Quantities by DAkkS (Germany’s Accreditation Body)

After the surveillance visit last October 24-25, 2013, the Thermometry (LIGT, DT, and IPRT) Standards Section of NML successfully sustained its DAkkS accreditation. Both the Thermometry Section’s technical capability and NML’s quality system were assessed in accordance with the ISO 17025:2005. The DAkkS assessor was no less than Dr. Erich Tegeler; former Head of the Thermometry Lab of PTB (National Metrology Institute of Germany) for many years who recently retired from active service but still continues to work as a consultant of PTB, and as a technical assessor for DAkkS in Germany and across the globe. Dr. Tegeler thoroughly assessed the Laboratory’s quality system represented by the NML Chief Aurora V. Kimura and Quality Manager Michael Jason A. Solis. After the quality system, Dr. Tegeler then rigorously evaluated the technical competency of the Thermometry Laboratory led by Monalisa R. Enot the Section Head with the laboratory staff, Jes Andre G. Trillana.

During the closing meeting, Dr. Tegeler commended NML for the perfect quality system it has documented and is implementing. There were few minor deviations issued on the technical aspect but none of it proved to be critical thus having no significant effect on the quality of calibration service the Thermometry Section provides to its customers.

This is truly a way of confirming NML’s stance as the National Metrology Institute of the Philippines and a testimony to ITDI’s commitment that “Our Services Meet Global Standards”.