National Metrology Laboratory (NML) Hits the Airwaves Once Again

In line with NML’s mandate to promote and increase the general public’s awareness on metrology, Ms. Monalisa Ragay-Enot of the Thermometry Standards Section of NML had a radio interview with DZRH/RHTV’s Radyo Henyo. This was aired last August 11, 2013.

The program hosts, ex-congressman Angelo Palmones and Ms. Ruby Cristobal of STII queried Ms. Enot regarding the field of metrology in general as well as the basic information the public should know about temperature measuring devices particularly Liquid-in-Glass and Digital Thermometers. Ms. Enot responded clearly to all the questions posed by the hosts and gave supplemental information regarding the importance of accurate and reliable temperature measurements in areas/fields where calibrated thermometers should be used. Ms. Enot also elaborated on the calibration services being offered by NML, and other services such as Measurement Audit and Proficiency Testing or Interlaboratory Comparison, which the NML provides to commercial and in-house calibration labs.

She provided details regarding the upcoming training offered by the Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI) on the calibration of Liquid-in-Glass and Digital Thermometers. The said training was conducted by Ms. Enot on August 14-15, almost a week after the radio interview and had participants more than the usual limit.

This promotional activity was made possible through the cooperation between the National Metrology Laboratory and the Technological Services Division of ITDI.