1st Metrology Stakeholder’s Consultation Workshop with Secondary Laboratories

As the output of the Philippine Metrology Strategy Workshop formulated last May 2012 were mainly contributed by the NML Chief and its Laboratory Managers, the ITDI Director, and some external people from NEDA, DOST Planning, DOST Regional Office, and PhilMSTQ, Inc., the NML hosted the 1st Stakeholder’s Consultation Workshop with Calibration Laboratories with the objective of getting their feedbacks and soliciting additional inputs particularly on the relation of NML with Calibration Laboratories as they are close to the industries and are providing their calibration needs. The core participants in this stakeholder’s workshop were CEO’s and Technical Managers of PAO accredited calibration laboratories and a few non-accredited calibration laboratories. About thirty (30) invitees from twenty three (23) companies participated in the workshop.   Of the 23 companies, eighteen (18) are PAO accredited and five (5) non-accredited ones. The participants were welcomed by the ITDI Director, Dr. Nuna E. Almanzor and in behalf of the DOST Secretary Mario G. Montejo, we were privileged to have Professor Fortunato dela Peňa for the keynote address, the DOST Undersecretary for Scientific and Technological Services. The highlight of the workshop was the technical session in the afternoon and to pave the way for the discussion ahead, the national and international metrology infrastructure as the basis for shaping the national metrology strategy was presented by Dr. Clemens Sanetra.  Understanding this framework will serve to guide the participants in identifying the “missing pieces” in the current Philippine metrology system. The presentation of Ms. Aurora Kimura focused on the Philippine metrology situation, the developments at NML, as the national metrology institute that is leading this whole process of coming up with a national strategy on metrology, the activities that are on the way, and the plans for the next few years. To orient the participants on the result of the previous Philippine Metrology Strategy Workshop, the key result areas identified in the NML and Calibration laboratories relation as well as short term and medium term milestones and corresponding major activities were also presented by the NML Chief. The afternoon was dedicated for the brainstorming, defining needs and specific activities that could strengthen the relation between the NML and the calibration laboratories and later on grouping the participants according to measurement areas of interest to come up with specific action plans that will be implemented jointly by the calibration laboratories and the NML. The event came to an end after the two (2) winners of free calibration worth PhP3000 and two (2) winners of free measurement audit worth PhP 3000 were drawn by Dr. Clemens Sanetra. Click here to download the list of participants.