Proposed Strategy for the National Metrology Infrastructure of the Philippines

Strat th The National Metrology Laboratory of the Philippines has prepared a document describing the proposed national metrology strategy in support of the national government’s economic plan to “achieve competitiveness in the national and international markets” and to safeguard its people and the environment. The proposed strategy was intended to serve as a guide to our decision makers in government and to the National Metrology Laboratory to ensure the development of a well-functioning national metrological infrastructure that fulfils the need for reliable and accurate measurements in the country and in harmony with international standards and best practices. In crafting this strategy, we have been mindful of the experiences of our neighbouring ASEAN national metrology institutes and the huge investments poured in by their governments for the development of their own national metrology institutes in support of trade, innovation, health and safety. View and download here: PROPOSED STRATEGY FOR THE NATIONAL METROLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE OF THE PHILIPPINES