NML, Yana Hold Joint Forum on Metrology

Yana Chemodities, Inc. owners Lelaine Li (2nd from left), Lizel Li (3rd from right) and Litium Li (far right) awards the certificates of appreciation to the resource speakers Maryness Salazar, Michael Jason Solis and Kiveen Suycano.


In celebration of the World Metrology Day 2017, the National Metrology Laboratory of the Philippines (NML) in cooperation with Yana Chemodities, Inc. conducted a metrology forum at YCI Building, Quezon City, Philippines on 16 May 2017.

The National Metrology Laboratory of the Philippines and Yana Chemodities, Inc. held a Joint Forum on Metrology, which tackled few important topics in metrology such as Introduction to Metrology, Uncertainty Evaluation, Interpretation of Calibration Certificates and Calibration and Measurement Capabilities.

“Many of our customers expressed their positivity and appreciation for the speakers and the topics covered. A lot of our attendees expressed the need for many more topics on Metrology. Our attendees value the way each speaker covered every topic in detail and also cleared doubts and confusions that has been bothering many private end-users,” shared Lizel Li, General Manager of Yana, in the Letter of Appreciation sent to the NML.

149 people participated in the said forum, one of the biggest attendance since Yana started offering free seminars to industries five years ago.

“To share with you how successful our Joint Forum on Metrology went, participants reached 149 coming from 69 different private companies. In just two days, our registration was closed due to full capacity,” Li continued in the letter.

The resource speakers, all from the NML, were Michael Jason Solis (Supv. Science Research Specialist), Maryness Salazar (SRS II) and Kiveen Suycano (SRS II).

On the part of the NML, this forum is yet another opportunity to connect to the industries and educate them on the importance of metrology and the existence of NML itself.

“We are very glad that Yana has collaborated with us for this forum. We always seek venues to speak with the industries to help them, raise awareness on the importance of metrology as well as to promote the services of NML,” shared Solis after the forum.

Yana offers monthly free seminar on various topics, which can be checked on their official website at www.yanachemodities.com.

NML also conducts trainings, forums and seminars aside from their calibration, testing and proficiency testing services. List of other services is available at nml.gov.ph.