NML TAKES PART IN THE APMP 2015 (Beijing, China)


  APMP is a grouping of national metrology institutes (NMIs) from the Asia-Pacific region engaged in improving regional metrological capability through the sharing of expertise and exchange of technical services. APMP is also a Regional Metrology Organization (RMO) recognized by the International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM) for the purpose of worldwide mutual recognition of measurement standards and of calibration and measurement certificates. Every year, delegates from all APMP Member Economies gather together to participate in the APMP GA (General Assembly) & Related Meetings. They meet together to discuss and decide on strategic plans, most important work of APMP, and other MRA related issues. As a full member of the APMP, the National Metrology Laboratory of ITDI sent its delegates to this year’s annual APMP GA & Related Meetings that was held in Beijing, China from November 1 to 7, 2015 . The Chief of NML, Ms. Aurora V. Kimura participated in the DEC (Developing Economies Committee) and GA Meetings. Different Technical Committee meetings were attended by the following staff: Mr. Manuel M. Ruiz for TCAUV (Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration), Mr. Michael Solis for TCQS (Quality System) and GA, Mr. Kiveen Suycano for TCM (Mass), Mr. Radley Manalo for TCM (Pressure), Mr. Sabino Paulo Leones, Jr. for TCEM (Electricity and Magnetism), Ms. Monalisa Ragay and Mr. Jes Trillana for TCT (Temperature). Mr. Ruiz and Mr. Leones also attended the APMP Concluding Workshop on the Comparison of Digital Multimeters.