NML Holds First Metrology Course

The National Metrology Laboratory (NML) of the Philippines conducted its first ever Metrology Course on May 21-25, 2018 at the Metrology Conference Room of the Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI). The said course which focused on the fundamentals of measurement and an overview of the redefinition of the International System of Units, was the main activity in NML’s celebration of the World Metrology Day.

Participants pose at the Metrology building lobby during the opening of the Metrology Course

  Dr. Annabelle Briones, OIC Director of the ITDI, welcomed the 28 research specialists and analysts from the 14 DOST Regional Metrology Laboratories (RML) and DOST Regional Standard and Testing Laboratories (RSTL) who made their way to take part on the launching of the course.  

Dr. Annabelle Briones (left) welcomes the participants. NML Chief Aurora Kimura (right) delivers the message of Undersecretary Manzano.

  NML Chief Aurora Kimura delivered a message in behalf of Undersecretary Brenda Nazareth-Manzano which described the event as a bridging course to the regular metrology courses which focus on calibration and measurement method as it introduces fundamentals of measurement. Also this will enable the RMLs and RSTLs to be equipped with technical skills and theoretical background as well as be updated on the International System of Units and its revision, in reflection of the theme of this year’s World Metrology Day celebration, that is, the “Constant Evolution of the International System of Units”.

Mr. Michael Solis and Ms. Maryness Salazar deliver their respective lectures during the first day of the course.

  Experts of the NML served as the lecturers of the course and were remarked by participants as one of the strengths of the programme. Also, a lab tour on the NML facilities served as a benchmark for the regional offices as they develop their laboratories.  Participants having stimulated learnings asked for more practical examples especially on the Uncertainty of Measurement but due to time constraints has to be limited with few examples. This feedback will bring about an improvement and probably better time management for next run of the course. Having launched this course, a first of its kind in the country with experts having shared their knowledge and experience as well as overall feedback from participants, ranging from very satisfactory to outstanding, truly, it was a successful event and would probably be recommended to have sequels not long after. MISalazar.  

Participants take turns in giving their expectations of the course.


Participants tour the facilities of Metrology in Chemistry and Biology Section