NML Demand Survey

The Department of Science and Technology’s National Metrology Laboratory (NML), operating within the Industrial Technology Development Institute, is the national metrology institute of the Philippines mandated to establish and maintain national measurement standards and disseminate these to users in the country through calibration and measurement services. In support of the government’s interest and effort to strengthen the competitiveness of Philippine products and services, the NML is doing a survey to gather first hand information on the measurement needs of the manufacturing industries. Making these calibration and measurement services available locally will not only greatly cut costs but also reduce the downtime, and risk of damage to the equipment during transport. The survey also intends to identify those measurement services of NML that are limited in scope and thus need to be extended to cover the measurement ranges and accuracy levels required in the particular industry sectors. In this regard, we would like to invite you to be one of our respondents. Your participation in this survey is crucial in determining the national measurement references that should be made accessible in the Philippines and other measurement needs that you foresee in the future. Rest assure that your responses will be held in the strictest confidence. They serve us to develop services according to your needs. We hope to receive your favourable response to this undertaking. For any clarifications, you may get in touch with Marco Latosa at telephone number (02) 837-2071 ext. 2256 or by email at jmdlatosa@nml.gov.ph. Sincerely, NML Management NOTE: We will be giving ten Php 5,000.00 worth of calibration services to those respondents who will answer the survey questionnaire completely. A survey questionnaire will be considered complete if there are no skipped questions and the list of measuring instruments are completely filled out. The ten respondents who will receive the prize will be selected randomly from those who answered the survey completely.