In conjunction with the celebration of the World Metrology Day last May 20, 2012, twenty-seven delegates from 14 DOST Regional Offices of the country met last May 17 and 18, 2012 for the 1st NML-DOST Regional Metrology Laboratories (RMLs) General Assembly.   Hosted by the NML-ITDI, this general assembly is the first of the most important annual gathering of the senior management of the DOST Regional Metrology Laboratories whose main goals are to (1) improve the RMLs’ competency and quality of measurement through extensive planning of metrological activities such as proficiency testing, measurement audit, calibration of RML reference standards, consultation, training etc; (2) update the RMLs with the recent news and developments in metrology and activities of the NML; and (3) unify the RMLs through harmonization of its technical procedures, calibration certificates, test reports and fees, all these with the guidance and support of the National Metrology Laboratory (NML).   Dr. Severino T. Bernardo, Deputy Director for Research and Development of ITDI, warmly welcomed the delegates and said that “this assembly is a significant milestone, a ground-breaking one, and paving the way towards the promotion and advancement of metrology in the country.” He also encouraged the delegates to act on the knowledge and insights they will gain to generate more positive developments in their respective areas.   In behalf of Dr. Amelia P. Guevara, DOST Undersecretary for Research and Development, Engr. Niñalisa H. Escorial of ITDD-PCIEERD, delivered her keynote speech focusing on the significance and crucial role of metrology and standardization in nurturing both local and world trade. She also stated that we must not be discouraged to take the first steps to meet obligations to international standards.   Engr. Manuel M. Ruiz, Supervising Science Research Specialist of the NML, introduced to the delegates the Laboratory’s organization, current activities, accomplishments and future plans.   Engr. Edgardo S. Juan, former Chief of the NML and currently the Vice-President of the Philippine Metrology Standards Testing and Quality (MSTQ) Incorporated, provided an interactive lecture on the Do’s and Don’ts in the implementation of ISO/IEC 17025. The RMLs were able to exchange experiences and challenges they encountered in practicing this standard.   Provisions of Republic Act No. 9236, otherwise known as “The National Metrology Act of 2003”, and action plans of the Technical Working Group (TWG) were presented by Engr. Rogelio C. Balita, the interim staff of the National Metrology Board Secretariat.   On the second day, Dr. Nuna E. Almanzor, ITDI Director, graced the event. She emphasized the significant role of the NML as the national metrology institute of the Philippines and how the NML can guide the DOST RMLs in their metrological endeavors.   Michael Jason A. Solis of the National Metrology Laboratory then presented the harmonization plan to the RMLs for the field of mass metrology. The plan includes helpful and important activities such as intensive trainings on calibration of OIML test weights, electronic balances, weighbridges and verification of commercial scales, on-the-job training opportunities for RML staff at the NML, and creation of NML-DOST Calibration Guidelines. To guarantee the effectiveness of the plan, the NML shall conduct and pilot inter-laboratory comparisons, and internal audits.       During the two-day assembly each RML representative reported on the current capabilities and plans of the laboratory for the coming years. The delegates had a unique opportunity to network with each other, interacted with the management and staff of the NML, and learned how to disseminate the impact of calibration and metrology to as many people as possible.   The event was concluded by the NML Chief, Aurora V. Kimura. She congratulated the participants for their hardwork and achieving the accreditation of their lab despite all the odds such as lack of permanent staff, budget restrictions for equipment and recalibration of standards among others. She asked each delegate to describe the event in two words, “long overdue”, “well done”, “thank you” and “finally, yes!” came out. She thanked the delegates for their cooperation and enthusiasm and assured them of the support of NML.