NML Launches Corporate Identity

The corporate identity of the National Metrology Laboratory of the Philippines (NML) was recently launched in a program attended by the executive committee members of ITDI led by Director Nuna Almanzor and the Chiefs of all the other Divisions of ITDI, and the entire staff of the NML. The launch signaled NML’s more aggressive stance to promote metrology and its role as the national metrology institute of the Philippines.


Republic Act No. 9236, also known as The National Metrology Act of 2003, defined the mandate of NML. Signed into law on February 2, 2004, the law was enacted “to establish a national measurement infrastructure system (NMIS) for standards and measurement in the country. It also provided that NML as the laboratory arm of ITDI, shall carry out the technical, calibration and laboratory functions to effectively implement the provisions of this Act.”


Being at the helm of the national metrology pyramid, the launch of NML’s corporate identity was significant. “We are the NMI of the Philippines, you can trust us!” as Dr. Clemens Sanetra, a PTB National Quality Infrastructure Consultant, puts it in his message to NML.


The program was opened by the NML Chief, Ms. Aurora V. Kimura, who spoke about the importance of the event. Dr. Nuna Almanzor, ITDI Director and one of the key people that made the NML logo possible, talked about what NML was three years back, and laid down its directions in the coming three years. To demonstrate their technical competency in the calibration services,  the NML chose to have its measurement capabilities accredited to ISO 17025 as this was better known by the customers and stakeholders in the country rather than the peer review pathway taken by some NMIs. The rest is history if you may call it. The DAkkS, an internationally recognized and highly reputable accreditation body of Germany, granted the ISO 17025 accreditation to NML in October of 2010 – a confirmation of the competency of NML to carry out calibrations in the fields of mass, temperature and pressure,” she said.


“Three years from now, I foresee more calibration fields being granted accreditation by DAkkS, the goal is at least 5, and these are in the areas where the demand is great. Currently there are 3 fields that are accredited and one more is planned this year in the electrical field. Three years from now, we see the first set of CMCs (Calibration and Measurement Capabilities) published in the BIPM database–an indication of the acceptance by the club members.  This is somehow the goal of all NMIs globally – to have CMCs in all the measurement fields – paramihan sila,” she continued.  .

Furthermore, she said “Three years from now, the NML will be providing majority of the traceability needs of the third party calibration laboratories. Providing international traceability to measurements done in the country is partly the vision of NML. Three years from now, with the continuing effort on marketing, education, awareness campaign, and promotion of metrology and NML’s national task, more Filipino people will be aware of the importance of metrology for the protection of our health, our quality of life, for our safety as a consumer, for fair trade, and how all these affect our daily lives.”

NML Chief Ms. Kimura gave the audience a preview of what steps are taken to promote NML and metrology in general, starting with marketing activities to promote the logo, create awareness, disseminate communication materials to educate the public about metrology, among others to strengthen the image of NML. She announced that while a new NML website is being developed, they are not losing their focus on having more calibration capabilities accredited under the ISO 17025.  “We expect the assessment for the Electrical Laboratory early April 2012 by the German Accreditation Body, DAkkS.  Hopefully by May we will be granted the accreditation in time for the World Metrology Day”, she said.

She announced that an important activity is being planned to coincide with the World Metrology Day celebration in May.  “A unanimous decision was agreed upon with the ITDI Director on the need to develop a STRATEGY on Philippine Metrology until let’s say 2025”, she further said.

She shared with the audience what she wishes NML to be - “Lastly, our new corporate identity can only be as strong and significant with what we make of it through our commitment to our Vision and Mission, our work values and our service to our customers and stakeholders.”


During the occasion, Mr. Edgardo S. Juan, former NML chief, was awarded a certificate of recognition for his leadership role in the National Metrology Program which in turn led to the establishment of the National Metrology Laboratory of the Philippines and as a moving force behind R.A. 9236 – The National Metrology Act. In his speech he said, “This event is beyond the logo and more so on the updating the various clients and stakeholders on the progressive development of NML and its future plans, and of going into closer relationships with the stakeholders.”


He put forward some advice to the Division that he once headed: 1) A metrology laboratory keeps its capabilities abreast with the requirements of its clients. 2) NML roles and services have to be widely known. 3) The staff must be interested, confident and proud of his capabilities and services. 4) An effective quality infrastructure [for safety, health and competitiveness] requires coordination and collaboration among standards formulation body, national metrology institute, accreditation and certification bodies, and regulatory bodies.


Congratulatory messages from NML technical collaboration partners, PTB and KRISS, the NMI of Germany and Korea respectively, were received and these were viewed or read to the audience.


Highlight of the occasion was the unveiling of the NML logo by ITDI Director Dr. Nuna Almanzor and NML Chief Ms. Aurora Kimura. The SI (International System of Units) poster launching the NML logo was displayed together with the Mission-Vision statement of NML.